‘The triumphant story of a mother’s faith, courage and dedication to defying the odds’
by Libby Lombardo

Libby helps you find the upside in her soon to be released book – The Unknown Upside.

Entrepreneur Libby Lombardo was just like any other smitten Aussie mum, riding high on love for her newborn daughter Isabella – until a routine check-up changed her life forever.

Her spirited, sparkly girl was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and destined for a life in pain, confined to a wheelchair. But the Lombardo family had other ideas…

In the soon to be released book, Libby shares her extraordinary tale of crossing over into the unknown world of special needs parenting. Raw, honest and even outrageous, Libby tells the truth about the emotional rollercoaster of adjusting to her family’s new reality, battling mainstream medicine so that Isabella will one day take her first independent steps.