Libby Lombardo


Libby Lombardo’s life changed the day that doctors said her daughter, Isabella, would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Libby, a high-school dropout, was determined to live life large. Her journey to success started in real estate. Her knack for sales and marketing paid off and before long, Libby was making serious money.

Then came love and marriage. Husband, Joe was an investment banker. It all looked picture perfect. But, the idyllic illusion was shattered the day Libby and Joe were told their newborn daughter had cerebral palsy. Disbelief led to denial. Confusion and shame followed.

When doctor’s predicted a life of physical suffering and mobility impairment for their little girl, Libby said, “That’s not going to happen to my daughter.” The fight was on. In spite of continued resistance from Australian doctors, the Lombardo’s set off on a quest to see their daughter live her best life.

Against the doctor’s advice, Libby and Joe took their daughter to The United States, where she underwent controversial spinal cord surgery. The results have been staggering. Isabella experienced immediate relief from pain and a dramatic increase in her physical mobility. Next on the list of interventions for Isabella was Stem Cell therapy.

Now, Isabella’s physical strength has gone to the next level. With continued therapy, investment in medical science and unwavering commitment, it is very likely that Isabella will not spend the rest of her life wheelchair bound. She’s on a journey to walk independently some day.

The Unknown Upside is Libby’s story as a social entrepreneur, advocate and warrior mum. Her story is told in a feature length documentary, a biography and in person through public speaking. Libby opens the windows to her heart and soul, revealing an intimate lookat her self-doubt, fear and uncertainty. She exemplifiesdefiant resilience in spite of circumstances that would otherwise have debilitated and disempowered her.

Through her struggle, Libby has discovered an authentic sense of value, meaning, and purpose in life.

Libby’s presentation of universal values promises to inspire hope, courage and love in individuals everywhere.

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“We loved your presentation, showing our children through your story the power of resilience and the importance to building connections with others impacted each and every one of them!”

  • Lenard Sheppard


“Make your next event impactful and powerful sharing the Lombardo story, showing others what’s possible in their life through a truly impactful story”

  • Julia Burnett  

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