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Nothing rivals a parent’s love for their child. From the moment they take their first breath, a parent’s life will never be the same. In Australia, 1 in 500 babies is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Of those, 1 in 2 is in chronic pain. While there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy, there are treatments that can radically improve their quality of life. Team Isabella Lombardo is a charity organisation raising money for Cerebral Palsy, with all proceeds supporting Isabella’s fight for a better life. Through the ups and downs, ongoing therapy, surgeries, triumphs and struggles, nothing dulls Isabella’s sparkle. With each day, Isabella bravely defeats the odds, working towards the day she may one day walk independently.  You can support her journey by purchasing a ticket to the feature film: ‘The Unknown Upside’, picking up a copy of mother Libby’s book, or booking her parents in as motivational speakers at your next event. Together, we can help Isabella fight for a better tomorrow, today.



Entrepreneur Libby Lombardo was just like any other smitten Aussie mum, riding high on love for her newborn daughter Isabella – until a routine check-up changed her life forever. Her spirited, sparkly girl was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and destined for a life in pain, confined to a wheelchair. But Libby had other ideas…
Raw, honest and even outrageous, Libby tells the truth about the emotional rollercoaster of adjusting to her family’s new reality, crossing over into the unknown world of special needs parenting, battling mainstream medicine so that Isabella will one day take her first independent steps. Libby shares how social media is transforming the loneliness of families just like hers, to forge a global special needs community and, above all, the daily victories of raising a little girl who just won’t quit and always looks on the bright side.
Through this journey, her audience learn the power of resilience, determination and how important it is to connect, but above all to dream big and spread our own wings!

Joseph Lombardo


Joseph Lombardo is a dedicated and proud father of two that would do anything for his kids. As a wife and husband duo, Joe and Libby do all they can to give their daughter the best chance at an independent and happy life. When it comes to living with Cerebral Palsy, Joe believes it’s the small victories that make all the difference. Little things you may take for granted like independently zipping around on a bike, dancing up a storm and playing are difficult or near-impossible for Cerebral Palsy Warriors. Yet, with the help of state-of-the-art treatments and therapy, clever inventions like custom-made bicycles and even harnessed zip lines at home to move freely, make all the difference in a young person’s journey. Isabella is a remarkable girl with vivacious energy and infectious positivity. By working together and fighting for a better tomorrow, Joe hopes to see his daughter do the ‘impossible’ and defy all the odds.

Joey Junior


Joey Junior is the youngest of the Lombardo clan. As the youngest sibling to a sister with special needs, it isn’t always easy for this little man. It can be tough to understand why he can’t play with Isabella like other children and why his parents are so protective of her. Joey Junior, like countless children around the globe, are greatly affected by the impact of Cerebral Palsy on families. As Joey Junior’s compassion and understanding for his sister’s fight deepens, through the help of custom-made toys, bikes and ongoing therapy, this little man gets to see his sister blossom and thrive.

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